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We partner with the United Nations, local and international business networks and other international organizations to source investments under US $20M that contribute to national SDG roadmaps worldwide. 

Open to SDG-focused ventures worldwide, we work under the umbrella of the Pipeline Builder project, incubated by the SDG Lab at the United Nations Office in Geneva since 2019.


The Pipeline Builder is supported by the Swiss Development Cooperation.

Read a 2-page summary HERE.

“Gaps in intermediation still remain …. few investment banks are focused on impact deals to facilitate the needed functions of capital raising and structuring for investees and, for investors, to aggregate deals to achieve the scale larger investors require.”

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) 2018 Roadmap - Future of Impact statement


We believe that without the ability to secure finance, even solid advisory support and project preparation will fail to deliver SDG investments – this is the lesson from numerous global attempts to provide ‘technical assistance’ to SME’s and support infrastructure ‘project preparation’. At the same time, the logic that investors will always be able to find ‘deals’ also falls down when we’re talking about non-conventional opportunities, as we’ve learned that few investors are willing or able to take the risk or deploy the technical expertise that would make projects bankable – nor necessarily should they.

The Pipeline Builder pilot addresses the two sides of this (so far failed) equation by bring advisory and transactional support together and absorbing some of the costs of project development and due diligence. In doing so, it will test the conditions for full-scale roll-out 12-months after the pilot start. We also believe that there are viable options for a business / funding model that could be partly, if not fully sustainable, thus creating an investment case for public finance and a business case for private investors to work with the Pipeline Builder full roll-out.

Learn more about the Pipeline Builder.