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Insights for impact entrepreneurs

The Ground_Up Project has a long track record working with impact entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them understand investment-readiness, prepare pre-due-diligence documentation, thinking through their key business and financial questions. We delivered investment-readiness preparation to individual entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneur networks such as Accelerate 2030, ITC SheTrades and GreenCape.


The Investment Clinic archive offers insights from investors: what does being ready for investment mean? How does an investor work with an impact venture? Consult our archive of 30 minutes podcasts with impact investors and video Investor Lectures.


Episode 1: Angela Fratila, The Ground_Up Project - Are you Investor-Ready?

Episode 2: Piers Cumberlege, GSCM, UK - How Do Investors Select Deals?

Episode 3: Julianne Zimmerman, Reinventure Capital, USA - Investing in Women Entrepreneurs and Founders of Color

Episode 4: Xavier Pierluca, SIMA Funds, USA - Demand-Driven Commercial Capital for Off-Grid Solar: A New Approach

Episode 5: Kostis Tselenis, Quadia, Switzerland - Investment-Readiness for Food, Waste and Other Impact Entrepreneurs

Episode 6: Bertrand Gacon, Impaakt, Switzerland - Assessing Impact - Why It Matters When You Fundraise

Episode 7: Eva Yazhari, Beyond Impact, USA - Early-Stage Investing: Co-Creating Impact with our Investees

Episode 8: Sergiu Negut, Agel Investor, Romania - Angel Investment: Beyond Betting on Ideas

Episode 9: Margot Kane, Quantified Ventures, USA -- Investing in Zero-Waste Businesses: Closing Circular Economy Loops

Episode 10: Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital, Singapore - Opportunities for Investment in the Circular Economy


What happens in the 2 seconds it takes to pre-select a deal? What are impact investment strategies?

What does an investor expect to hear entrepreneurs ask them?

Hear the answers to these and many more questions, anecdotes and personal insights.